Introduction & How To

Welcome to “More than a Memory,” a site that records the research-in-progress of Purdue students in the year 2016 seeking to understand the history of Purdue University and to recover the student experience more than 100 years prior, at the turn of the twentieth century. There are several ways to navigate the site, but the easiest way to read the students’ work is to click on “Research Projects,” which will give you quick access to all of the projects.

When you return to the site, if you want to jump to a particular project, simply click on the photo associated with the object that is on the homepage. Or if you’d like to explore the site through categories or subjects, click on any of the topics listed on the left-hand side of the homepage.

Also be sure to visit our gallery, a compilation of the images and objects that motivated and supported student research. Clicking on an image in the gallery will take you to its associated research project.

And finally, we invite you to comment on any and all of the work you see here—we are eager to get questions, suggestions, or just a quick thumbs up! You may leave your comment in the box at the bottom of each student’s research project page. Comments are moderated, so your comment won’t appear immediately but will be reviewed for publication in about a day.